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      Hyjo is a hydroponics company that offers a wide range of products including equipment for indoor horticulture, plant media, nutrients, additives, lights and UK hydroponic systems all falling into this sector of the industry, Britain’s leading specialised garden centre.

      Our approach is to provide customers with the necessary advice and tools to maximise results, eliminate risks for UK indoor growing and to address the grower’s interests. Our experience provides invaluable solutions to problems encountered by beginners to experts alike.

     Based in London, Hyjo selects and fanatically explores hydroponic grow kits, hydroponic grow tents, hydroponic grow systems, hydroponic growing mediums and much more. We’ve crafted this website since our obsession as growers guides our development.

     With an eye on NFTs, Flood & Drains, IWSs, Aquaponics, Deep Water Culture, Aeroponics, Aqua Tray Drip Irrigations and AutoPots we’re fuelled with excitement to push new boundaries. High quality hydroponics for growers, hybrid systems for extreme enthusiasts and a wide selection of equipment from propagation, to growing, flowering and harvest.

     Since launching, Hyjo has been banging the drum for a wide range in hydroponics for indoor growing. It’s about rediscovering your stance with every last speck of fulfilment and this keeps us brimming with optimism for the path ahead.